Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Cracked Window Investigation

Cracked Window Investigation

Someone sat on a chair outside the window, leaned against it and cracked it.

Someone banged on the window and cracked it.

Someone kicked the window and cracked it.

Someone tried to break in and failed.

Someone hit the window with a bean bag and cracked it.

Someone throw something at the window and cracked it.

Someone drew fake crack lines on the window.

I guess it was Jason because I think he leaned his seat against the window.

Monday, 19 November 2018

My Trip To The Interact Art Festival

My Trip To The Interact Art Festival

Last Wednesday I went to the Interact Art Festival in Henderson with my class.

First we went in two school vans to get there. When I got there it was very sunny and I went and saw a concert inside the main building.

After I was there for a while I went to the other part of the building to do some activities. I did some things in there like making a card, making a badge and painting a rock.

Next I went outside and had my morning tea.

Then I went to a little hall and made a bow tie.

After that I went back to the building and saw some more concerts like the Pakuranga College X Factor and the Halloween dance.

Next I went back outside and had my lunch with the class. We all had to bring a packed lunch.

Lastly I went back to one of the school vans and I went back to school with my class.

I had a really awesome time at the Interact Art Festival, we were the only class that went that day. The rest of Sommerville went on Friday. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Man Who Sailed Across The World

The Man Who Sailed Across The World

Once upon a time a man in Samoa wanted to travel to England which is on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately he was really really poor since he lived in a very very small village. So he couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket to get there. He thought of an idea to build a little ship to sail all the way over there. 

Then he spent the next there mouths building it out of wood from trees near the village. 

After three months he finished making his ship and set sail from Apia to the deep blue sea. He made sure that he had all of the supplies needed to survive the long journey across the Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic oceans. He also made a map and compass to help him get there.

For the next 2 weeks he went over the Pacific passing the other little islands and Hawaii with little sleep since his boat was so tiny you couldn’t really fit a bed in there and with limited food. 

One week later when he was coming really close to Central America a shark came up to his ship and ate a part of the ship off. He managed to scare it off with using a stick arrow that he brought with him without letting the shark eat him or destroy the ship. Unfortunately, since a part came off the ship some sea water came inside the ship, so he sailed as fast as he could using the stick he had used to scare off the shark before getting all the way to Panama.

Once in Panama he stopped in Panama City and went to a nearby forest at night and he sneakily chopped down some trees to get some wood to fix the little part that had been broken by the shark. He did it at night so that he would’t get caught by the forest rangers. Then he went to a nearby cave and went to sleep in there. The next day he fixed up his ship inside the cave. Then he went across Panama City and he set sail again.

When he set sail he went across the Caribbean Ocean onto the Atlantic Ocean. Once on the Atlantic Ocean he sailed his way to Europe where England is. After about 2 weeks of sailing from Panama he made it to Europe. 

Once in Europe he sailed onto the United Kingdom and into England to a little town called Brighton. After sailing 15,275 kms he made it from Samoa to the UK via Panama on a little ship that he had built by hand. It took him about 6 weeks.

After he arrived in Brighton he was very very tired and hungry because he had almost no sleep for 2 weeks from sailing from Panama and he had ran out of food that he brought with him from Samoa and Panama. So he had a very very big sleep at a hotel in town and had lots of food from restaurants. The End

Friday, 26 October 2018

My Holiday News 16/10/18

My Holiday News 25/10/18

On Thursday week 1, I drove on the motorway for the first time from Drury to Bombay. Nana took me in her car. When I suggested it to her I was feeling a little bit nervous. But when I went onto the motorway and drove at 100ks I was feeling really really proud of myself.

A couple of days before I went to the car repair shop where I used to work at and I helped my nana to deliver some flyers to people’s houses around the Papakura area. My nana did one block and I did another block. We had to do the other blocks the next couple of days because we kept running out of time because I had a driving lesson with a instructor later on that day.

On Saturday week 2, I went to my Dad’s place and I went with him, his friend and my brother to see the Kiwis vs Kangaroos Rugby League game at Mt Smart Stadium. The Kiwis played really well against the Kangaroos and the Kiwis won 26-24. The Kangaroos came really really close to beating them.

I had a really fun and awesome holiday and it was really cool driving on the motorway.

Image result for learning driving on the motorway  Image result for mt smart stadium

Friday, 28 September 2018

My Trip To The Dentist

My Trip To The Dentist

About two weeks ago I went to the Dentist with half of my class.

When we got there we waited in the waiting room for our turn to go in. When it was my turn to go in the dental nurse came and got me and we went to one of the dental rooms.

She sat me down in the dental chair and she checked my teeth. She said that I'm doing a good job on keeping my teeth clean but she did say that I do have a little hole in one of my teeth,so I'll have to come back later this year to get a filling in it.

Then she took me to the x-ray room to do an x-ray on my teeth.

Next she took me back to the dental room to talk to me about my teeth and what I need to do next. She also gave me a form to give to my Mum.

After that I went back to the waiting room to wait for some other people to come out.

Lastly we went back to school in the school van.

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

Last Thursday we to went to the Special Olympics basketball tournament at the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium (formerly ASB Stadium).

When we got there we got into our teams that we made up when we were practicing for the tournament. The teams we made up where The Shakers, The Breakers and The Movers. I was in The Movers team.

First we went up to the seating area to have a little snack.

Then my team went down and we played our first game against the Tamaki Giants from the Sommerville Base School. The team beat us but we really enjoyed it.

After the game we went back up and watched other teams play.

Next we went back down and we played our second game against Pakuranga College. We played really really well against them. We won 10 to 0. I was the one who got the ball into the goal a few times.

Then we went back up and watched some other people play.

After a while we went back down again to play our last game against Mt Roskill Intermediate. Once again we did really really well in that game. We won that game 11 to 3 but someone from our team had to go and play for the other team because they were very low on people.

Next we sat down and we got our certificates. Then we went back into the school van and we went back to school. I had a really fun time playing against other schools.

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Last Thursday, we went to Ambury Regional Park in Mangere to do one of our last Let’s Get Active Day’s for the term.

First of all we got divided into our Let’s Get Active groups. The groups where the strength group with Kevin, the walking group with Nicola and the mobility group with Diana. I was in the strength group. 

When we got there my group went for a little walk around and had a look at all the different signs about the park and the warning signs. Then we had a run and did some of our stretches to warm up.

After we had our warm ups we had a little snack and Kevin told us that we had to vote on where we were going to go. We chose to go on the garden walk which was down the paddock.

While we were walking we saw some Cows, Horses and Sheeps. 

After waking for a while we met up with the two other groups in the farm land and we hanged around there for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Then we went back to waking and we explored more of Ambury Park and we saw more stuff like where the Insects live and where the some of the Sheeps live.

Next we went back to the park bit and we had our lunch.

After we had our lunch we went to see the Pigs and Chickens because we ran out of time to do it before lunch. 

Lastly we went back to our van and went back to school.

I had a really really awesome time at Ambury Regional Park.