Friday, 28 September 2018

My Trip To The Dentist

My Trip To The Dentist

About two weeks ago I went to the Dentist with half of my class.

When we got there we waited in the waiting room for our turn to go in. When it was my turn to go in the dental nurse came and got me and we went to one of the dental rooms.

She sat me down in the dental chair and she checked my teeth. She said that I'm doing a good job on keeping my teeth clean but she did say that I do have a little hole in one of my teeth,so I'll have to come back later this year to get a filling in it.

Then she took me to the x-ray room to do an x-ray on my teeth.

Next she took me back to the dental room to talk to me about my teeth and what I need to do next. She also gave me a form to give to my Mum.

After that I went back to the waiting room to wait for some other people to come out.

Lastly we went back to school in the school van.

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

Last Thursday we to went to the Special Olympics basketball tournament at the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium (formerly ASB Stadium).

When we got there we got into our teams that we made up when we were practicing for the tournament. The teams we made up where The Shakers, The Breakers and The Movers. I was in The Movers team.

First we went up to the seating area to have a little snack.

Then my team went down and we played our first game against the Tamaki Giants from the Sommerville Base School. The team beat us but we really enjoyed it.

After the game we went back up and watched other teams play.

Next we went back down and we played our second game against Pakuranga College. We played really really well against them. We won 10 to 0. I was the one who got the ball into the goal a few times.

Then we went back up and watched some other people play.

After a while we went back down again to play our last game against Mt Roskill Intermediate. Once again we did really really well in that game. We won that game 11 to 3 but someone from our team had to go and play for the other team because they were very low on people.

Next we sat down and we got our certificates. Then we went back into the school van and we went back to school. I had a really fun time playing against other schools.

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Last Thursday, we went to Ambury Regional Park in Mangere to do one of our last Let’s Get Active Day’s for the term.

First of all we got divided into our Let’s Get Active groups. The groups where the strength group with Kevin, the walking group with Nicola and the mobility group with Diana. I was in the strength group. 

When we got there my group went for a little walk around and had a look at all the different signs about the park and the warning signs. Then we had a run and did some of our stretches to warm up.

After we had our warm ups we had a little snack and Kevin told us that we had to vote on where we were going to go. We chose to go on the garden walk which was down the paddock.

While we were walking we saw some Cows, Horses and Sheeps. 

After waking for a while we met up with the two other groups in the farm land and we hanged around there for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Then we went back to waking and we explored more of Ambury Park and we saw more stuff like where the Insects live and where the some of the Sheeps live.

Next we went back to the park bit and we had our lunch.

After we had our lunch we went to see the Pigs and Chickens because we ran out of time to do it before lunch. 

Lastly we went back to our van and went back to school.

I had a really really awesome time at Ambury Regional Park.

Monday, 27 August 2018

My Weekend News 20/08/18

My Weekend News 20/08/18

On Saturday, I went to my Dad's place for the night.

First we went to a few car dealers to have a look at some of the used cars. The cars we looked at were the Nissan Tiida and the Toyota Yaris. I even went inside them to have a look at how it felt. I liked the Tiida the best because I liked the design more because it felt more higher end and classy. 

After that we went to the New Lynn Mall to have a look at a few shops. We went to JB HI FI and Noel Leeming but we didn’t buy anything. It was just around lunchtime so we went to the food court to have lunch. Then after that we went home.

Later on that night, I watched Indiana Jones with my Dad. It was a really cool film because it was very entertaining. It was also the first time I ever saw the film.

On Sunday, I went back home to my Mum’s place. 

Later on that same day, I went for a driving lesson with her at a Lloyd Elsmore car park. She told me that I need a bit more practine parking becouse I sometimes go off the white line and I sometimes don't go close enough to the end white line and breaking becouse I sometimes hit the breaks too hard. But other than that she said I was good at it. It was also my first time leaning how to drive with my her.

I had a really interesting and cool weekend.

Monday, 13 August 2018

My Weekend News 13/08/18

My Weekend News 13/08/18

On Friday afternoon, I went to The Hub to have dinner at Wendy’s.

On Saturday, I went with my Nanna to a car park across the road from my Uncle’s car repair shop. I have been practising my reversing, parking, turning and stopping. It was my first time learning how to reverse and park. My Nanna told me I was really good at parking but sometimes one of the wheels of the car went onto one of the white lines. Also she said that I was good at reversing but it was a little bit fast because I pushed on the accelerator too hard, but after a while I got the hang of it and I started to reverse slowly. I also got better at parking after doing it a couple of times. 

Later on that night I applied for a job at Burger King again this time at Highland Park. I have applied for the Panmure one before but they said that they were looking for people who can work opening and closing shifts so I didn’t get the job.

On Sunday, I stayed home all day and played on my phone and computer.


Friday, 10 August 2018

My Weekend News 9/08/18

My Weekend News 9/08/18

On Friday afternoon last week, I caught the bus to 2 Cheap Cars to have a look at all of the cars they had there. After that I went to Pizza Hut at The Hub to have dinner. Then I went to the bus stop outside Botany Towns Centre and I saw Bradley there. I said hi to him and we went on the same bus. While we were on the bus I showed him my learners license, he was so jealous of me. Then Bradley went off and I went back home.

On Saturday, I went to my Dad’s house for the night. We went to Snowplant in the North Shore because it was almost my brothers birthday. It was a big indoor snow facility with a big down skiing hill and a cafe at the bottom. I went down a little hill a few times on a tub. Later on that day we went to the movie theatre at the St Luke’s Mall and we watched a movie called Mission Impossible, it was very entertaining to watch.

On Sunday, me and my brother went back home to my mum’s place. In the afternoon on that day I went to Botany Towns Centre to have a look around. Then I went back home on the bus. I had a really awesome weekend.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Strength Training Review 09/08/18

Strength Training Review 09/08/18

Today in strength training Brooklyn and I did the DIYS challenge. It's a challenge where you have to think what you have to do independently without the teachers advice while in the gym. 

We started off with doing our stretches then we moved on to push ups and sit ups. Then we worked on our legs on the bikes. After that we lifted some dumbbells. Then we went on to the weight machines. First we did some arm lifting then we did some leg lifting. They were both very cool but I had to downgrade to 1 or 2 less weights on the arm one because I’ve overweighted from the other ones. 

Next after that we carried some weights around the strength gym room. I was pretty awesome at it. At one time I lifted two 15kg ones. Then we lastly did some arm pulling on the rowing machines.

Brooklyn and I where very cool in the gym we were the only ones who passed the DIYS. Everyone else got kicked out because they were not being safe in there.