Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My day at the Halloween Pool party at Pegasus

On Friday we went to the Pakuranga College Halloween Pool party at the Pegasus Unit. First we got dressed in our costumes. I dressed up as a pirate with its eye path and its hook. Then we went in 3 cars to get there. I went in Nicola’s car to get there. When we got there we went to the pool side of the school. I saw Lionel’s class with Val,Geara’s class and also the Pegasus class. Next we did some games what they had there. First I did the eye ball throw then the ghost shooting nerf gun game where you had to shoot the cup’s. After that we did the spider web. Then we went in the pool. I did some swimming and I also did some diving. Next we had a race in the pool. Then we went out and had some food. I had a sausage and a cupcake. There was also some fruit kebabs. After all of that we came back to school. My favorite thing I did was the pool diving and the ghost shooting nerf gun game. I had a really fun and awesome day.


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