Monday, 13 February 2017

My trip to Weso Youth Camp 2017

On Jan 13th I went to Weso Youth (WY) Camp 2017 with my youth group. First of all we went into a Pakuranga College van to get there. The van looked like our school van the big one. It took us about 2 hours to get there. It was very hot in the van. When we got there we went into our cabin. The cabin was like a bunk room. The cabin had bunk beds in it. Then I went into the dining room and I played a card game with my friends. After that we had dinner in the dining room. A moment later we all lined up to get our tags. The tags is so that people get to know our names better. Shortly we went into the hall and did our first relay. Meanwhile we got into 4 teams. There was red, blue, green and orange teams. I was in the red team. Later on we had a little dance in the hall. We danced to happy and some other songs. After a while we went back to the dining room and had supper. Then we went back into our cabin and went to bed. The next day we got up and had our breakfast. Shortly after we went back into the hall and did so more team challenges. The red team was in the pool doing basketball. So we first did basketball in the pool but the green team won the game. Next we went back to the dining room and had lunch. After that we went into some workshops and talked about stuff in there. Then there was free time. I went on the water side and I went down like 10 times. The water side was like half of the side you word find at the pools. There was a pool at the end of the side and it had fogs in it. Next I went in a pond they had there. Then the next day we did some more team challenges. The red team was on the slip side challenge. We did the slip side challenge but we had to kick the ball before we went down and we did the stuff like we did the other day like free time. Then on Monday we packed up and we went home. I hard a really awesome time at camp this year and this was my very first time at camp!!

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  1. Hi Joel,

    You sound like you had a very busy holiday at your camping.

    From Andrew