Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My trip to Motat

On Saturday I went to Motat with my Dad, Brother and my step Mum. First we went into the main museum and we looked at things like old computers and old arcades. Afterwards we went into the next building and saw some old machines. Later we went back outside and looked at some old houses and a old church. A Moment later we had lunch at the Motat cafe. I had chicken strips. Then we went on the tram past the zoo to the aircraft museum. I saw an old New Zealand Air Force aircraft. Lastly we went back on the tram to the main bit of Motat and went home. I had Domino's Pizza for dinner that night. My pizza had beef and onion on it. I had a really fun time at Motat.

 File:Tram between MOTAT sites. ...         ... of planes at MOTAT.jpg

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  1. Hi Joel,

    It sounds you have a busy Saturday at Motat in Western Springs. I hope you enjoyed riding on the tram past zoo on that day.

    From Andrew