Monday, 3 April 2017

Special Olympics Athletics day

On Wednesday we went to the Special Olympics Athletics day. First of all we went into the bus to get there. We went on the bus at 9:15am. We also went with EWC2 and EWC3. When we got there we went and sat at the grandstand and had a little morning tea. The events I did there was mini javelin, 100m run and 200m run. First I did mini javelin. I had a practise run first. Then the Warriors came for an hour or so and one of team helped me out. We also got a photo with them. Then I went back to the grandstand for a rest. Next I went back down to the field and did the 200m run. I was really trying to push myself to run fast because a boy came very close to beating me and getting third place. But I came 3rd in that race and my legs were so tired afterwards. I was back up at the grandstand watching others run. Then I went back down again and did a 100m run. I came 5th in that race. Next we did some relays with my whole class. Lastly we went back onto the bus and went back to school. I had a really fun time at the Special Olympics Athletics day.




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  1. Hi Joel,

    I'm glad that you were enjoyed going to Athletics Day at Mt Smart Stadium on Thursday 30th March 2017. I did enjoyed playing games with you at there on that day.

    From Andrew