Thursday, 11 May 2017

My trip to the Museum and ship

Yesterday we went to Downtown Auckland to go to the Maritime Museum and a Harbour Cruise. First we went into a van to get there. When we got there we went inside the museum. Then the lady introduced the museum. Before we had a look inside, we had morning tea. After that, we went inside to look at the boots and ships. The lady gave us maps to get around the museum. I saw a big team New Zealand boat and we played a ship game they had there. After a while we went back outside and had lunch. As we were eating our lunch we saw a man lighting a canon. The canon was really really loud. Then we got ready to go onto the boat. First I felt really nervous. When we got onto the boat, I was sitting upstairs. The ship was riding past. I saw the  Ports of Auckland and a view of the city. It even went under the Harbour Bridge. I saw some bungy jumping from the bridge. I had a really fun time at the Maritime Museum and on the ship.



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