Friday, 7 July 2017

Our outing to the America's Cup parade


Yesterday we to the America's Cup parade in the Auckland CBD. First we went into the school van to get up to the Orakei Train Station. Then we went onto a train to get to Britomart Train Station which is in the city. When we got there we went down to the waterfront and we waited there for about an hour for it to start and for it to came down to where we were. There was a big band in the parade. It had girls doing back flips, drummers, big NZ flag made out of balloons and all cause the whole Team NZ team. I was like waving hi to them and also waving my flag out. Some from One News walked passed us with a camera. When Peter came with the cup it started pouring down with rain so we ran to the Ferry Terminal to get shade. I was soaking wet like a bucket of water had been dumped onto me. After the rain had stopped we went to the viaduct and we saw Team NZ dancing with David Dallas from the other side of the water. Next we went back to Britomart to get back onto the train to get back to the van. I had a really awesome time seeing Team NZ at the parade. A big thank you to Nicola for taking us along.

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  1. Hi Joel,
    You sound like you had a busy day on Thursday 6th July 2017.
    Did you see the Breakfast Host and Simon Dallow at Auckland City on that day?
    From Andrew