Monday, 11 September 2017

A Victorian group photo

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1. Who was the Queen in 1897?
The Queen at the time in 1897 was Queen Victoria.

2. Why did some of the people wear costumes?
Some of the people were wearing costumes to honour Queen Victoria’s rule.

3. What did the boy’s costumes look like?
The boy’s costumes were like soldiers, princes, pirates and kings from British history and storybook adventures.

4. What did the girl’s costumes look like?
The girls were dressed in the national costumes of Scotland and Wales part of the British Empire.

5. Name some of the downright weird costumes
Some of the downright weird costumes are a boy dressed as a fob watch, a boy his face blackened with soot pretending to be an African-American singer and also two Fijians dressed in tapa-cloth skirts with afro hairstyle and pig tusks.

6. Who would get first prize according to the author?
The two boys near the middle on the right dressed as Robinson Crusoe and Friday.

7. What animal did the kids bring along?
The animal that the kids brought along was a goat.

8. Who was Robinson Crusoe?

One of the boys in the middle.

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