Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My trip to the InterAct Art Festival

On Thursday I went to the InterAct Art Festival in Henderson with my class and the two other classes. First of all we travelled in three cars to get to the base school. I went into Val's car. Next we went onto a bus to get to the festival. When we got there we went inside and I first painted a picture with a lot of patterns on it. Then I went and made a hat. I made a dog hat. After that we all went and watched some performers. Matthew, Kyi Kyaw and Kaine took part in the wearable arts parade. Next we had lunch and we walked to the top sidewalk to try and get a bus to take us back to school, but our bus got cancelled so we had to wait on the grass for another bus to come. Finally when the new bus came we went onto it and it took us back to the base school where the taxi picked me up. I had a really awesome time at the arts festival.

IMG_6747.JPG    IMG_6614.JPG
IMG_6746.JPG   IMG_6641.JPG


  1. Hi Joel,
    You sound like you had a busy time at Interact Art Festival on Thursday 26th October 2017. I do like the photos that you sent me.
    From Andrew

    1. Hello Andrew,
      Thanks again for the comment.
      Yes I did have a big and busy time at the Interact Art Festival.
      From Joel