Thursday, 23 November 2017

My job interview at Rainbows End

Yesterday after school, I went for a job interview at Rainbows End. First I went home by taxi to get dressed. I went up to my local bus stop to get onto my first bus to the main town of Howick. When I got there I immediately went onto my second bus that took me to the MIT building in Manukau. After I got there I walked to Rainbows End. Next I went into their office and waited for the interview lady to see me. When the interview lady saw me she greeted me and we shook hands. Then she told me a bit about Rainbows End and how their employees work and stuff. She asked me a bit about myself like what I like doing? Where do I live? What school do I go to? etc. Next she told me a bit about the cleaning job and what they have to do. She gave me a form to complete about the dates when I'm available to work. She took a photo of me and put my photo on my form. She explained to me that she had to give my form to the cleaning team manager who has to look at my form to see if I'm capable enough to do the job. If he or she thinks I’m capable enough then he or she will phone me for another interview. After I was finished with the interview lady my mum picked up from the office because she also works at Rainbows End and I went home with her. It was really exciting for me to go for my first job interview.


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  1. FANTASTIC STORY JOEL and excellent news about the job interview. That is a really impressive thing to be able to do Joel and even catching two different buses independently to get out there! WOW! Good luck with getting the phone call from the manager. Overall, having an interview is a great experience either way. Top stuff Joel :-)