Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Abdullah's Butterfly

  1. Why do you think Abdullah wanted to get off the bus? Because he wanted to see the butterfly.

  2. Find words that describe the butterfly.
      Can you think of any others? The words that I can
      describe the butterfly are large, perfect and brilliant.

  3. How do you think Abdullah felt when the butterfly
      flew into the air? Abdullah was feeling wounded
      and excited when the butterfly flew into the air.

  4. What do you think Abdullah did next?
      I think what Abdullah did next was he caught the
      butterfly and put it in a butterfly cage and then   
      showed it to his grandfather back home.

  5. What would you have done if you were Abdullah?
      If I was Abdullah I would probably just take a single
      photo of it and then leave it alone, free.


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