Thursday, 29 March 2018

Jack Falls Into The Bottle

Jack Falls Into The Bottle

By Joel

Once upon a time about 4 centuries ago in Scotland there was a middle aged man called Jack. Jack had really long hair and liked to play music in Scottish Parades from his bagpipe. Jack rode his horse to a castle in Glasgow because he had to get a new bagpipe. He had to get a new bagpipe because his old one that he had been using for the last fifteen years had finally broke. 

When Jack got there he went inside and bought the new bagpipe for about £5000, then he had a walk around but he didn’t realise there was a trap. He was walking around but then he walked onto the trap and he fell down into a big clear bottle then the bottle lid came down onto the top. Now Jack was trapped inside and he was trying to scream out ‘help!!’ and tried to play loud music from his new bagpipe but no one could hear him. 

Jack was in the bottle for about two weeks and he was starving. Jack tried to smash open the bottle with his new bagpipe but it was too strong. The only thing he could do during those two weeks is play music from his new bagpipe. 

Then one day a knight who was in the castle heard some sought of sound coming from somewhere inside and he follow the tune that lead him to a big room where the bottle with Jack inside was and went up the steers and tried to open the lid but it was too heavy so he got some other knights to help him get the lid off and they freed him. 

Jack tired to go back to his horse but it was gone. He was thinking it must have run away because the horse may have thought that Jack had died somehow. So Jack had to walk all the way back home but it was snowing. The snow was so deep that Jack had to dig his way through all the snow all the way back to his house in Edinburgh. 

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