Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My Easter Long Weekend

On Thursday night, I went to Botany Towns Centre to have dinner. First I had a look at some shops inside the mall. Then I went across the road to The Hub and I had Pizza Hut. After that I went back home. 

On good Friday, I just stayed home all day and had easter eggs and apply for a job at Number One Shoes. 

On Saturday, I went to my dad's place for the night with my brother. We went to Devonport on the North Shore and we went to the Easter Show at ASB Showgrounds. We had a look around at the show and we saw animals and rides but we didn’t go on any. Then we left and we went to Star Dome and we had a look around in there. One of the thing that we saw there was a big telescope and I looked through it and I saw the moon up close. 

On Sunday, I went back home and I went for a walk with my mum.

On Monday, I just stayed home all day and played on my phone.

On Tuesday, I caught a bus and train to Sylvia Park and I had lunch there. I also had a look inside a few shops. After that I went back home. I had long but fun long weekend.


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