Tuesday, 29 May 2018

My Weekend News 29/05/18

On Friday afternoon, I went with my mum to the AA centre in Howick to do a driving rules test for my learners license. When I got there I filled out a driving form and I waited for about 15 minutes before they sat me down at a computer and I did the test. It took me about 6 minutes to answer all 35 questions and I got 34 out of 35 right so I passed. Then I went back to the counter and they gave me a temporary NZ learner’s license. On Saturday, I went to my Dad’s place for the night. We went to the St Lukes Mall to see the new Sole movie. On Sunday, we went to an abandoned paddock and my Dad taught me how to drive the car around the corners and he showed me how to use the brake and accelerator. It was very nerve wracking but my Dad told me I was good at it. Then I went back home.


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