Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My trip to the Auckland Q Theatre

On Friday, we went to the Auckland Q Theatre in the city to watch a film called Postcards From India. First we got divided into two groups Kevin's and Nicola’s. I was in Kevin’s group and he had the sunshine van. Next we drove up to the base school and got a bus to the city.

When we got there we went inside the building where the theatre was and we went upstairs to the theatre room and we sat down and watched the film. The film was about 70 minutes long and it talks about how a guy from India started his music career and about how other people from his country and other countries like Africa play music.

After the film a few people who helped make the film came out and spoke to us about how long did it took to make the film and stuff. Then we went back onto the bus and went back to the base school.

When we got back there we went for a walk to the grass field and we had our lunch there. After that we got back into our van and went back to school. I had a really awesome time at the theatre and the film was really interesting.

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