Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Weekend Story 12/06/18

My Weekend Story

On Friday, afternoon I went to 2 Cheap Cars to have a look at some of the used cars there. After that I went down the road to The Hub where I had Pizza Hut for dinner. Next I went across the road to the Botany Towns Centre Mall and I had a look at some of the shops. On Saturday, I went to my Dad’s place for the night. We went to St Lukes Mall and Event Cinemas to see the new Avengers movie. After the movie we had dinner at the Food Court and we had a look at Nike Store and EB Games. On Sunday, I went with my Dad to look at a new house in West Auckland, that my Dad is thinking about buying some time in the future. After that my Dad dropped me at my mum’s place.

I had a really awsome weekend mostly with my Dad.

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