Thursday, 5 July 2018

My Weekend News 05/07/18

My Weekend News 05/07/18

On Friday afternoon, I got out of my taxi at home and then played on my computer for a bit before I got ready to go out.

After I got ready I went to my local bus stop and waited for a bus to come. The buses I usually take are 72m, 72c and 734.

When a bus came I tagged on and sat in a seat next to a window. The bus I went onto this time was 72m.

When I got to my destination, which was Botany Towns Centre, I hopped off and went across the road to The Hub and I had dinner there.

After I had dinner I went back across the road to the Botany Mall and I had a look at some shops. Then I caught a bus home.

On Saturday, I caught another bus to the Manukau Mall.

First of all I got changed and walked up to my local bus stop again like the day before. Next I had to get a bus from my local bus stop to the Botany Mall. Then I had to get one from there to the newly built Manukau Bus Station. 

When I got there I walked from the bus station to the Manukau Mall.

Next I went inside the mall and had lunch at the food court. Then I had a look inside some of the shops. After that I went back home by bus again.

On Sunday, I just stayed home all day and played on my phone and computer. 

I had a really awesome and fun weekend. 

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