Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My July Holiday's

My July Holidays

On Monday week one, I went to the park across the road from Botany Towns Centre to meet up with a former teacher aid. His name is Robin and he used to teach me when I started at Sommerville 11 years ago. First we walked around the park chatting about how we’ve been and stuff. I’ve also told him that I’ve been learning how to drive and  I’ve got the learners licence. Then we went across the road to the mall and we had lunch there. While we were eating I saw Jane coming into the food court and we said" hi" to her. After we had lunch we walked around the mall and we had ice cream from New Zealand Natural. After that he took me home on the bus.

Later on, in week one on Saturday, I went for a driving lesson with my nanna on a new neighbourhood road where new houses are going to be built in Pukekohe. I’ve been practicing how to steer, stop and give away.

In week two, on Thursday night, I went to the Stardom with my uncle and my brother to look at Mars through a telescope. We also saw how the galaxy appears on that night. When we got there we had a look around in there at all of the displays before we went into the theatre room. Then a guy explained about our galaxy and some of the planets we have around it. After the show the guy said that we can’t go and look at Mars through a telescope because he said it was too cloudy. We got some special voutures  to come back for another visit.

On Saturday week two, I went to New Plymouth with my Dad and brother for the night.  It took us about 5 hours to get there and we had to stop at a park on the way there. When we got there we went to my other nanna’s house and we had dinner there. Then we went to my Dad’s brother's house and we stayed the night there. The next day we got up and we went back home. I had a really awesome holiday.

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