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My Weekend News 20/08/18

My Weekend News 20/08/18

On Saturday, I went to my Dad's place for the night.

First we went to a few car dealers to have a look at some of the used cars. The cars we looked at were the Nissan Tiida and the Toyota Yaris. I even went inside them to have a look at how it felt. I liked the Tiida the best because I liked the design more because it felt more higher end and classy. 

After that we went to the New Lynn Mall to have a look at a few shops. We went to JB HI FI and Noel Leeming but we didn’t buy anything. It was just around lunchtime so we went to the food court to have lunch. Then after that we went home.

Later on that night, I watched Indiana Jones with my Dad. It was a really cool film because it was very entertaining. It was also the first time I ever saw the film.

On Sunday, I went back home to my Mum’s place. 

Later on that same day, I went for a driving lesson with her at a Lloyd Elsmore car park. She told me that I need a bit more practine parking becouse I sometimes go off the white line and I sometimes don't go close enough to the end white line and breaking becouse I sometimes hit the breaks too hard. But other than that she said I was good at it. It was also my first time leaning how to drive with my her.

I had a really interesting and cool weekend.

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