Friday, 10 August 2018

My Weekend News 9/08/18

My Weekend News 9/08/18

On Friday afternoon last week, I caught the bus to 2 Cheap Cars to have a look at all of the cars they had there. After that I went to Pizza Hut at The Hub to have dinner. Then I went to the bus stop outside Botany Towns Centre and I saw Bradley there. I said hi to him and we went on the same bus. While we were on the bus I showed him my learners license, he was so jealous of me. Then Bradley went off and I went back home.

On Saturday, I went to my Dad’s house for the night. We went to Snowplant in the North Shore because it was almost my brothers birthday. It was a big indoor snow facility with a big down skiing hill and a cafe at the bottom. I went down a little hill a few times on a tub. Later on that day we went to the movie theatre at the St Luke’s Mall and we watched a movie called Mission Impossible, it was very entertaining to watch.

On Sunday, me and my brother went back home to my mum’s place. In the afternoon on that day I went to Botany Towns Centre to have a look around. Then I went back home on the bus. I had a really awesome weekend.


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