Thursday, 9 August 2018

Strength Training Review 09/08/18

Strength Training Review 09/08/18

Today in strength training Brooklyn and I did the DIYS challenge. It's a challenge where you have to think what you have to do independently without the teachers advice while in the gym. 

We started off with doing our stretches then we moved on to push ups and sit ups. Then we worked on our legs on the bikes. After that we lifted some dumbbells. Then we went on to the weight machines. First we did some arm lifting then we did some leg lifting. They were both very cool but I had to downgrade to 1 or 2 less weights on the arm one because I’ve overweighted from the other ones. 

Next after that we carried some weights around the strength gym room. I was pretty awesome at it. At one time I lifted two 15kg ones. Then we lastly did some arm pulling on the rowing machines.

Brooklyn and I where very cool in the gym we were the only ones who passed the DIYS. Everyone else got kicked out because they were not being safe in there.

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