Friday, 28 September 2018

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

My Day At The Basketball Tournament

Last Thursday we to went to the Special Olympics basketball tournament at the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium (formerly ASB Stadium).

When we got there we got into our teams that we made up when we were practicing for the tournament. The teams we made up where The Shakers, The Breakers and The Movers. I was in The Movers team.

First we went up to the seating area to have a little snack.

Then my team went down and we played our first game against the Tamaki Giants from the Sommerville Base School. The team beat us but we really enjoyed it.

After the game we went back up and watched other teams play.

Next we went back down and we played our second game against Pakuranga College. We played really really well against them. We won 10 to 0. I was the one who got the ball into the goal a few times.

Then we went back up and watched some other people play.

After a while we went back down again to play our last game against Mt Roskill Intermediate. Once again we did really really well in that game. We won that game 11 to 3 but someone from our team had to go and play for the other team because they were very low on people.

Next we sat down and we got our certificates. Then we went back into the school van and we went back to school. I had a really fun time playing against other schools.

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