Friday, 28 September 2018

My Trip To The Dentist

My Trip To The Dentist

About two weeks ago I went to the Dentist with half of my class.

When we got there we waited in the waiting room for our turn to go in. When it was my turn to go in the dental nurse came and got me and we went to one of the dental rooms.

She sat me down in the dental chair and she checked my teeth. She said that I'm doing a good job on keeping my teeth clean but she did say that I do have a little hole in one of my teeth,so I'll have to come back later this year to get a filling in it.

Then she took me to the x-ray room to do an x-ray on my teeth.

Next she took me back to the dental room to talk to me about my teeth and what I need to do next. She also gave me a form to give to my Mum.

After that I went back to the waiting room to wait for some other people to come out.

Lastly we went back to school in the school van.

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