Friday, 28 September 2018

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Our Outing To Ambury Regional Park

Last Thursday, we went to Ambury Regional Park in Mangere to do one of our last Let’s Get Active Day’s for the term.

First of all we got divided into our Let’s Get Active groups. The groups where the strength group with Kevin, the walking group with Nicola and the mobility group with Diana. I was in the strength group. 

When we got there my group went for a little walk around and had a look at all the different signs about the park and the warning signs. Then we had a run and did some of our stretches to warm up.

After we had our warm ups we had a little snack and Kevin told us that we had to vote on where we were going to go. We chose to go on the garden walk which was down the paddock.

While we were walking we saw some Cows, Horses and Sheeps. 

After waking for a while we met up with the two other groups in the farm land and we hanged around there for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Then we went back to waking and we explored more of Ambury Park and we saw more stuff like where the Insects live and where the some of the Sheeps live.

Next we went back to the park bit and we had our lunch.

After we had our lunch we went to see the Pigs and Chickens because we ran out of time to do it before lunch. 

Lastly we went back to our van and went back to school.

I had a really really awesome time at Ambury Regional Park.

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