Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Man Who Sailed Across The World

The Man Who Sailed Across The World

Once upon a time a man in Samoa wanted to travel to England which is on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately he was really really poor since he lived in a very very small village. So he couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket to get there. He thought of an idea to build a little ship to sail all the way over there. 

Then he spent the next there mouths building it out of wood from trees near the village. 

After three months he finished making his ship and set sail from Apia to the deep blue sea. He made sure that he had all of the supplies needed to survive the long journey across the Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic oceans. He also made a map and compass to help him get there.

For the next 2 weeks he went over the Pacific passing the other little islands and Hawaii with little sleep since his boat was so tiny you couldn’t really fit a bed in there and with limited food. 

One week later when he was coming really close to Central America a shark came up to his ship and ate a part of the ship off. He managed to scare it off with using a stick arrow that he brought with him without letting the shark eat him or destroy the ship. Unfortunately, since a part came off the ship some sea water came inside the ship, so he sailed as fast as he could using the stick he had used to scare off the shark before getting all the way to Panama.

Once in Panama he stopped in Panama City and went to a nearby forest at night and he sneakily chopped down some trees to get some wood to fix the little part that had been broken by the shark. He did it at night so that he would’t get caught by the forest rangers. Then he went to a nearby cave and went to sleep in there. The next day he fixed up his ship inside the cave. Then he went across Panama City and he set sail again.

When he set sail he went across the Caribbean Ocean onto the Atlantic Ocean. Once on the Atlantic Ocean he sailed his way to Europe where England is. After about 2 weeks of sailing from Panama he made it to Europe. 

Once in Europe he sailed onto the United Kingdom and into England to a little town called Brighton. After sailing 15,275 kms he made it from Samoa to the UK via Panama on a little ship that he had built by hand. It took him about 6 weeks.

After he arrived in Brighton he was very very tired and hungry because he had almost no sleep for 2 weeks from sailing from Panama and he had ran out of food that he brought with him from Samoa and Panama. So he had a very very big sleep at a hotel in town and had lots of food from restaurants. The End

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