Monday, 19 November 2018

My Trip To The Interact Art Festival

My Trip To The Interact Art Festival

Last Wednesday I went to the Interact Art Festival in Henderson with my class.

First we went in two school vans to get there. When I got there it was very sunny and I went and saw a concert inside the main building.

After I was there for a while I went to the other part of the building to do some activities. I did some things in there like making a card, making a badge and painting a rock.

Next I went outside and had my morning tea.

Then I went to a little hall and made a bow tie.

After that I went back to the building and saw some more concerts like the Pakuranga College X Factor and the Halloween dance.

Next I went back outside and had my lunch with the class. We all had to bring a packed lunch.

Lastly I went back to one of the school vans and I went back to school with my class.

I had a really awesome time at the Interact Art Festival, we were the only class that went that day. The rest of Sommerville went on Friday. 

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